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ILAE-UK Audit Group :: Shared Audits

This audit is intended to measure performance of adult out-patient services in assessing the patient who is a new referral to secondary care services with a presumed seizure or seizure disorder. The audit has been developed to be easily downloaded and used by any secondary care provider.
Guidance Notes: Right-click and “Save as…”. This document contains all the information you should require to complete the audit, together with important information about each of the audit standards. CLICK HERE to download
Audit Paper Proforma : Right-click and “Save as…”. A pdf version of the audit data entry proforma for written data entry. CLICK HERE to download

Audit Electronic Proforma** : Click and “Save as…”. This is a Microsoft Access database There are two versions available for download depending on the version of Microsoft Access installed. Compatible with Windows 2000 and later, &, not suitable for use with Apple Macs or Smart phones.

  • First Seizure Audit Database Tool available for download.
    CLICK HERE to download the Office 2007/Access 2007 compatible empty database file**
  • First Seizure Audit Database Tool available for download.
    CLICK HERE to download the Office & Access 2003 or earlier compatible empty database **
    This is downloaded as a zip file. Once downloaded unzip the file to get access to the 2003 (.mdb) database file.

Important Information - Please read before proceeding
1. The Microsoft Access database file is a blank/empty/unpopulated database.
2. Information on how to use the database/audit tool is detailed within the Guidance notes.
3. The database file can be downloaded from any computer but should ONLY be stored on an NHS computer and password protected before any data entry is performed (see Guidance notes).
4. Depending on your Trust’s IT restrictions you may have to download the file at home and take it to work by saving it on to a memory stick or other similar portable storage device.
5. Patient Identifiable data MUST be removed if the file is to be transported off an NHS computer.

**The audit tool/database file is used solely at the discretion & responsibility of the end-user. If technical difficulties are encountered then it is advised to revert to using the paper proforma.