ILAE-UK Audit Group

The ILAE-UK audit group aims to prioritise, develop and facilitate access to high quality epilepsy audit. The group provides a forum for signposting national epilepsy audits, disseminating audit findings and the development/appraisal of high quality epilepsy audits for shared use.
Shared Audits
This section of the website contains audits developed by the group for use by clinicians involved in managing epilepsy.
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National Epilepsy Audits
Ongoing major national epilepsy audits.
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Audit Dissemination
Members can submit results and/or methodology of epilepsy audits they have performed for publishing here. Junior doctors and medical students in particular can share their results with others.
If you want to submit an audit please contact Dr Joe Anderson
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ILAE-UK Audit Group Newsletters
This section will contain list of our current and past published ILAE-UK Audit Group newsletters which will be available for either viewing online &/or to download and save as a PDF copy.
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